St Joe's High School Craft Show

April 06, 2019

Come visit at the St. Joe's annual spring craft show and pick up our Leni Lumi Candles! 

St Joe's Highschool 

40 Chestnut Ridge Road

Montvale NJ 07645

9am - 4pm 

Name Change!

February 23, 2018

No longer Little JUGZ!  When I gave birth to Little Jugz I wasn't sure where God was taking me.  Gosh how many stages did LJ go through in less than a year.  From mason jar party favors with candy, to candles, then to personalized candles.  I worked like a beast in vendor shows and events to get the name out there, and NOW, candle party favors!  So I guess I started in the right direction with a different market. 


Due to all the changes, I saw that the name really had nothing to do with what I was really putting out there.  And to be honest, I wanted something meaningful!  So I sat for months and days trying to figure it out.  So as of Feb 23rd, 2018, Little JUGZ  is officially Leni Lumi


The name was inspired by my daughter who loves to hang out by me when I'm making candles or decorating the jars.  Her name is Eleni and besides calling her my little Mooshka, she's my "Leni".  And then I thought "Lumi" which comes from illuminate which is what these cute little candles do.  They bring light.  They illuminate.  So then Leni Lumi was born! And i'm totally in love with it!  Thank you all for your support and love!!  Erika 

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